What is the fastest way to become a trusted business advisor, coach & most wanted consultant?

Building a business from ground up is tough. Many experts dream about running an advisory company, and various sources online make it look quite effortless. You know…

  • build a brand
  • build an audience
  • sell your service
  • deliver your service
  • repeat

Some sources advise you to launch an online course and retire rich. 


But if building an advisory business and growing it was that easy, everyone would have succeeded, right?

In reality, it takes far more than that.


Who is this for?

If you have relevant business experience and you are facing one or many of these desires:

  • You have realised the ‘old way of working’ no longer suits you and you in fact dread going to office?
  • Your current business is taking hits and you’re ready to do something else?
  • Your business is no longer interesting and you want something more?
  • You love business coaching but you feel lonely?
  • You want to scale but you have no time to build the infrastructure?
  • You’re looking to add extra revenue streams to your current business?
  • You understand that going it alone makes your business very vulnerable?
  • You don’t want to employ a team (at least not yet) but you need extra pair of hands?


So, let’s talk about building a scalable, profitable and fun business advisory company!

You need far more than a brand, audience and service.



To get started quickly, you need a packaged service to sell. This means: you need to do the the work of identifying the buyer, the benefits, the features, the price, the delivery mechanism, the tools needed, the marketing materials, sales assets, and communication tools.

Wouldn’t it make it far easier for you to get started if you had all that figured out?



To grow and scale, you need to develop other pieces of your business infrastructure. You need a scalable product portfolio, a selling structure that is aligned with the client journey, tools, frameworks, assessment, and sales materials. You need the technical infrastructure to sell and deliver online, and you need to have products to sell. You also need extra pair of hands… nobody is scaling alone.

Small business owners sometimes forget that delivering amazing services to clients is a team effort. Nobody can be the Product, Sales, Delivery, Management, Marketing, and Technology division solo. And before you start employing the required people, you should consider other options, that are going to make you (and save) so much money and time, it should be a no-brainer.

You also need to have mentors, coaches, consultants, mastermind pals, and support because going it alone is very, very unwise. 


So, great option for many professionals, business owners, marketers, sales pros, brand consultants, agency owners, corporate leaders who want to do coaching, consulting and business advisory is to attach themselves to the options that can accelerate their go-to market, position them as leaders, considerably increase profits and joy. Licensing and franchising are two popular options. Let’s talk about licensing intellectual property.


What does it mean?

Licensing products, trademarks, tools and a whole concept means that you buy a right to use somebody else’s intellectual property. The models, products, programs that we have been building for years are not there for anyone to borrow without a permission, but can be rented for an agreed time period. You most likely have many licenses already today without really thinking about it?

You can watch Netflix if you have a valid subscription. This means you own a license to use Netflix platform and watch all the amazing shows they have. If you cancel it, you won’t be able to access the shows.

How about licensing in a business situation?

When you buy a license to use a brand’s intellectual property, you can use their systems, tools, and products in your business. You don’t own the brand, you’re not a legal co-owner of the brand and business, but you can use the brand and concept to grow your business.

Why would anyone buy a license when they can build everything by themselves?

For some, building their own tools makes sense. But for more and more professionals, it doesn’t. Imagine you are an IT & Cloud Service Specialist. Changes are that you need to use Microsoft tools, Google Cloud and what not. Would you set yourself to build similar tools? Do you have millions of capital to do that? Do you want to be a software company with 100 000+ employees? Probably not.

So you get licensed as a MS partner, because it makes sense, right?

Licensor vs Licensee

Let’s cover the roles briefly


Licensor: the company that owns the license and the intellectual property. Simply: that’s us.

Licensee: the company / person who owns the license to use the licensor’s intellectual property. That would be you!


The licensing agreement is a renewed agreement between the licensor and licensee, and the terms vary. We are happy to cover all the details in a call.

The benefits of joining the Avenue Certified Growth Expert Program & becoming Avenue License Owner

Being an Avenue licensee means being part of a network of small business owners working together to grow their businesses. Each of them operate under their own brand names, and they can choose to mention that they hold a license to use Avenue brand, or not.

The license owners can sell Avenue signature programs (like this), or choose to offer consulting, coaching, or done-for-you services. They can use our ready-made productized service offers, or combine our tools to create own packages. They can choose to work online, offline, and with SMEs or large organizations. They can operate locally or internationally. They can choose to offer business coaching as their only offer or combine with other offers.

In some companies, the communication between a licensee and licensor is strong and regular. In some other companies, the communication is not strong and regular. At Avenue, we offer both options depending your needs.

You might want to be active in our community and mastermind, and get support from our team on our journey, or your might choose to only license the intellectual property but not be part of the #TeamAvenue. We help you navigate these decisions.



As mentioned earlier, build a business is tough, and at some point, you are going to be challenged. Your mastermind fee gives you access to a peer mastermind where we and your co-coaches help you solve your challenges.

We offer a community where you can ask any questions you have about marketing, sales, deliveries, working with your clients and the mastermind group members are there to support you.



One of the most effective growth strategies is to link your brand to a well-known and trusted brand. The Avenue brand is setting the standard for SME growth engineering, and attaching your brand to the Avenue brand will attract more clients to you.



Our job is to build the infrastructure so you can focus on helping your clients. Our job is to create products, processes and tools that you can use in your work. And since our favourite model to deliver group coaching, you can start selling group coaching and consulting directly, and stop selling 1:1 and done-for-you services. This will be a game changer for you!



Most experts feel like imposters when they get started, thinking… “who would ever buy MY services…?” “Is this good enough…?” When you use proven models that other experts have created, and you know other clients have achieved amazing results, you can get out to your market faster and with confidence.



We help you market your services. Even though marketing coaching is one of our key areas, experts often forget to market themselves! So we can do it for you, help you get known, attract the right clients and close deals.



You can add IT & technology services to your portfolio without being an IT pro. Our internal team can deliver them directly to your clients! This will increase your value indefinitely, when your clients can hire your company to deliver integration and automation solutions that make their lives easier, and profits bigger. One of the key assets we advice our clients is engineering the technology assets that help their companies grow and scale. Many times, the clients don’t want to get into the technical details themselves, and maybe you don’t want either. Well, your team at Avenue can do that, which makes your clients happy.

How about franchising, it is the same?

No, franchising and licensing are not the same, or more correct: franchising as a form of licensing, but the term are different. Usually a franchising means that the franchisee operates under the franchisor brand, like MacDonald’s. Franchising is a very strict form of licensing, but it also has several benefits compared to licensing as described above. A franchising agreement allows the franchisee fully operate as the franchisor and usually owns territorials rights.


Does Avenue offer franchising?

We do soon. Drop us a message and let’s talk about it.