Need a special workshop for you & your team?

We currently offer the following special workshops for business owners with/without a team. These workshops are private, hosted either at our premises (some restrictions due to the pandemic), at the client’s premises (travel costs will be added), or as we prefer to work: in a Zoom room.

Book a full day of business development to solve a complicated challenge your business goes through!

What's included?

  1. assessment before the workshop: we send you materials to read/watch and an assessment to fill out so we can tailor the workshop to your needs.
  2. a 7-hour workshop (exclusive a lunch break). The workshops can be hosted either as one session (7 hrs + 1 h lunch break) or 2 x 3,5 hrs sessions.
  3. recording of our session so you can repeat anytime you need.
  4. a written summary of the action plan within 7-14 days from the session.

Our special workshops

  • Sales & marketing system -> focus on setting up your sales & marketing system
  • Concept design -> focus on conceptualizing your idea to a sellable product
  • Product portfolio design -> focus on mapping your service to a scalable product portfolio
  • IT infrastructure -> focus on creating a solid plan to solve your technology needs
  • Strategic planning -> focus implementing our Strategic Planning System to get clarity and grow

Simple pricing

Workshop is 3500 USD (+ ev VAT )

Paid in full in advance.

Apply below.