We had a chat with a team member & Certified Avenue Coach Joana Carvalho. Join us!

Where are you based?

I live in Portugal, but I am a globe trotter, traveling the world for work comes with the job.

What does your life look like?

I am a family person, I have 3 great girls between 8 and 3 years old, a dog and a wonderful, and patient husband. I work doing what I really enjoy doing and manage my time to be a mother and a full- time consultant. I work from home and I need this flexibility to manage and balance my life.

What’s your educational background?

I have a degree in International and Foreign Business at Minho University, one of the leading Portuguese Universities. During these last 20 years working I did several masters in Marketing Management, Branding, Social Media Management, and Business Coaching that gave me the skills to apply different success strategies into my clients’ operations.

What is your special sauce?

I am a brand strategist being able to take globally any lifestyle brand from any country. I am an expert in managing Brands in a multicultural, international environment, knowing the secrets of the Lifestyle industry, within Beauty, Wellness, or Fashion Sectors.

Who do you help?

I help both new brand founders and experienced entrepreneurs that need to transform their brands into global businesses.

What kind of services do you offer?

Strategic Maps for Growth, Go-to-Market Plans, Branding Services, Marketing, and Retail Strategies Consultancy

What has helped you to achieve the level of success you have had in your business so far?

I would risk saying my full life experience did. Not only my professional path and achievements – launching, for instance, high-end luxury brands in the European and American Market, or the fact I was able to triple sales in 2 years escalating our business, or the time I did invest in creating new procedures within a Company Sales & Marketing Department taking the Team to another level of work and success – But also my personal experiences. I do have a lot of great professional achievements to highlight in my career and failures as well to share that could be mentioned here, but this cannot go without saying that my days back traveling the world, selling and marketing brands, living between Oporto, New York, Lisbon or Madrid, have had a great role in my business success as these experiences helped me built my solid as a rock capacity to find a way, my resilience, and my toughness before obstacles.

Give an example of a major client project you have been working on.

We’ve recently launched Argan Meadow, a Natural Cosmetics Brand in the International Beauty Market. Its mission is to provide strong, powerful formulas using excellent ingredients and natural additives with real and effective benefits for our skin. We were able to launch 18 SKU’s and we have a product pipeline of 12 more to launch in the upcoming months, including a skincare collection or a Home fragrances line. The Branding I’ve developed and the go-to-market strategy implemented took us, Argan Meadow, to be featured in the upcoming August Print edition of British Vogue or to be presented at the Beauty Edition of cntraveler.com, for example, which represents a major endorsement for any Beauty Brand. Also, I was able to identify key distributors in the international beauty arena securing listings in major European department stores, e-tailers, and specialty retailers.

What made the client project such a success?

The Product Development Plans I have designed for the Brand were for sure part of the Brand’s success, as I am a specialist in identifying industry trends and impersonate them in a product. The Go-to-Market Strategy was very well designed and developed in accordance with branding and product development, being part of a process and not only a sales operation, which empowered the brand and its claims.

Have you made some big changes in your professional or private life and would like to tell us about them?

Indeed I had. In the so-called corporate world being a working mother is hard. You are caught in the middle of a war between your emotional you and your rational persona. You’re never a good Mom, as you are not around so much, and you are a terrible professional as you need to stay home with your sick kid even if you have your computer attached to your fingers when you’re measuring his fever. So, after almost 20 years being a “corporate girl” and managing high-performance sales teams in a very competitive environment, 4 years ago I decided to become my own Captain, quit my Global Sales Director role in FMCG Company, and start my own Consultancy Agency. The trigger was our family’s decision of having a third child and it was liberating and empowering. I wish every woman in the same situation I was living for so many years had the same opportunity I had and the same strength and courage. It takes courage, it takes a leap of faith, to be honest with you all, but at the end of the day, you are able to create your own life and to manage your anxiety. This not only makes you a better Mother, or a better professional but also a better person, and this is the most important role I want to have in my life.

What made you decide to get certified as Avenue Growth Coach?

I found Avenue´s proposal and contents very different from what the business training market was offering. Avenue’s coaching programs are assertive, and absolutely no academic. Businesses are active systems and to succeed you need living systems. Avenue Growth offers the opportunity to learn, from A to Z on a one to one basis, how to implement the systems that will escalate and grow business with a high impact in the business culture. This was exactly what I was looking for: a way to escalate my own business and to help other companies doing the same, associating my sales and marketing expertise to this operational coaching systems Avenue Growth implements.

What brings you the most joy within the work you do?

Being able to assist our clients’ transformation to someone savior and resilient not only businesswise, but most of the time in their emotional and personal sphere as well. Making more money, grow, open new markets is great as well, but being able to impact other people’s values is just amazing and very rewarding.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

As said, I am a family person…I do love to spend time with my kids cooking, walking around, watching kids movie or swimming, and laughing. Also, I love to take master classes about things I can’t master myself. I signed up for a master class app and the last one I took was about make-up by a Make-up Guru.

Why do you think business coaching is important for all entrepreneurs at different stages?

I think business owners or executives need to create and develop the skill to look at their business from outside. This is not new. Business entropy is responsible for a lot of business failures, as while business is developing managers tend to focus their energy in existing process or roles, they lost track of their own business needs and strategies. Business coaching is the tool every entrepreneur should use to be able to do create effective systems that would lead a business to a transformation into an optimal function.

What have you learned from working with different business owners?

Business is People and People make the Business. If you don’t get this, you will hardly understand a company’s cultures and business systems. And you will live unhappily ever after.

What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting plans in store for your business for the rest of the year and beyond?

Due to Covid-19, we are redirecting our efforts to help other companies to find a way to strive in this new era. I did intensive training in Social Media Managing and in Digital Marketing so I can reach other levels of assistance to our partners. And this is exciting for us as well, as we are all part of the same “pandemic” cyclone and literally we are all in the same boat. Sharing is the key for the upcoming years in every aspect of our life and we are creating new tools to be able to grasp more business owners. This creative process is very rewarding for me!

Where can we read more about you?

Soon online at our web www.gbbs.pt or social network.

How can we connect with you?

Just drop me a few lines about your business, needs, and expectations to my email joana@gbbs.pt