Are you confused about the next steps to grow your business?

Confusion about the direction and next step is the biggest killer of progress – yet most common problem for business owners. We identify 4 common problems when growing a company.

Information overload >> total confusion >> no action >> no results

The reason why so many business owners are confused in the amount of information, tips, advice, and golden nuggets we read online, all day long, everywhere we look. There’s truly no shortage of free information online, and most entrepreneurs spend enormous amounts of time consuming all that.


If information was what’s required for a small business owner to grow a successful business, everyone would already have made it.


Information overload leads to confusion and to lack of action. You must stop consuming information, and create plan to implement the right actions for your company, that are relevant and important right now. 

No strategy >> no idea what to measure >> no results

The second biggest growth blocker is the lack of strategy. Too many business owners are focused on the tactical game: marketing, getting clients, posting on socials, but they lack a strategy behind their action. This leads to the fact that they don’t measure the outcomes, or they measure wrong things.

Example: marketing is not an activity that’s supposed to be measured by revenue. Marketing fuels your sales engine with prospects, so marketing should be measured by the amount of prospects your sales team gets in. Sales process is what is measured by revenue. That’s why, you need to have a clear strategy and KPI’s to implement the right things at the right time, and measure the right outcomes.

One-size-fits-all strategy >> wrong for you >> no results

The problem with a lot of online training is that it is most often not tailored to suit your company. There’s is no one-size-fits-all business model, marketing methodology, sales system, visibility tactic… you see, your growing company is unique, your business model is different than your competitors, your values are different, your core is different, your advantages and disadvantages are different, your personality and strengths are different than the other people’s in your industry. Your strategy needs to tailored to suit your business.

What works for someone else might not work for you. You must focus on creating your unique growth strategy and actionplan, so when you choose what strategy to execute, you need to know that it is the right one for you.

Right strategy >> wrong timing >> no results

The 4th biggest growth blocker is the timing – knowing when to implement the strategies and tactics to grow your company. A strategy could be the right for you, but your business, or you, are not ready for it yet. So understanding in what order to implement strategies and tactics, and knowing when it’s time to take on the next level is crucial.

The amazing client acquisition system you’re about to implement might be perfect to grow your revenue, but your business is not set up to serve hundreds or thousands of new prospects and clients that your marketing and sales system potentially results in. You have a capacity issue that needs to be solved first.

At Avenue, we believe in growing in stages and focusing on the right thing at the right time to grow your company

  1. Understand your CORE and create an offer that attracts the right people
  2. Sell your offer 1,2,10 times
  3. Get visible in your marketplace
  4. Deliver amazing value to your clients
  5. Build a scalable business model and product ecosystem
  6. Set up systems and automation for client acquisition
  7. Build the right type of infrastructure your growing company needs
  8. Expand your reach, position you as the leading expert
  9. Build a dream team
  10. Move from the operator to the business owner

Excited? Us too.

We are experts in guiding you to the right strategies, right tactics, right rituals, and help you build the right kind of belief system – depending on where you are right now, and where you want to get. We do this work inside our Business Growth Programs.