Are you a service professional who constantly hits her capacity ceiling, and don’t know how to fix it?

First, it’s normal! If you are great at what you do, you master sales and marketing, it means your calendar is full of client projects. That’s what you wanted when you got started, right?

Until now… because now you started dreading your job, and these new emotions are complex.

  • On one hand, you can’t turn down a client because if you don’t get clients, you don’t get paid.
  • On other hand, you can’t seem to do anything but work… all the time.

Where’s the FUN & FREEDOM folks talk about? You for sure have none of that.

We get this so well, and most of our clients at Avenue are at this stage. They have successful businesses and they want to grow while they get their lives back, yet they are too tired/busy to even think about how that would ever work.

How we do?

First, your belief system needs re-programming. This is not some woowoo, we’re a bunch of engineers, marketers, sales pros and designers who talk business, systems and profits, but we know this is something that successful business owners need.

Then, you need to carve out time for the most important activity, which is… (but before that, YES, it is in fact possible to find that time in your busy schedule… we always do)

So, what’s the game plan?

One by one, you need to start building assets. The first asset we help you build is your productized service.

And NO, that’s not a one-size-fits-all recipe to create an online course. We’re a bit more sophisticated than that, and so are you.

In fact, I don’t know what it would be until we get to know you, your business model and your intentions. But when we do, we will be able to map out a service that can be productized.

  • Is it an online course? Maybe.
  • Is it physical goods? Maybe.
  • Is it a group program? Maybe.
  • Is it a team of doers who can take care of your clients? Maybe.
  • Is it a packaged and outsourced service? Maybe
  • Is it a franchise? Maybe
  • Is it a licensing program? Maybe
  • Is it a software solution? Maybe

Then what? Then we need to build automated sales & marketing assets. Because now you have a scalable service that’s no longer draining you, now we can fill up your client roster again.

That’s how we roll. Want to know more? We’d love to tell you how we at Avenue can help you win!

Watch this masterclass and let’s chat about your dreams and goals!

/Tiina – CEO of Avenue Strategy Group