Are you stuck?


During this full-day intensive workshop, you will gain more clarity than most entrepreneurs gain in a year.

Next WORKSHOP: Feb 11th 2021

Hours: 09 AM - 05 PM CET

The goal of this program is simple: during the interactive workshop, we will help you gain full clarity on what you should be doing, when, and why.

  • Full-day intensive with a clear goal: create your growth strategy, plan, and rituals
  • 4 sessions to help you grow your business
  • Breaks between the sessions to do the assessments
  • Strategy & tactic Q&A with our team
  • Access to the Next Step Assessment tool (premium version)
  • Focused action, clear structure, and a lot of fun

Create a strategic growth plan that fits your ambitions and intentions, has a clear structure and focus

Identify and implement elementary growth rituals that get you results

Understand your current stage and know what you need to focus on to take your business to the next stage

Activate your growth plan and finally know what to do to grow your company



We use our strategic business & profit planning system to create a plan in layers.

By implementing this planning structure, you will always know what to do, when, and why.

Get ready to become the CEO your business needs, making decisions that grow your company instead of a rookie who’s distracted by all the noise and shiny objects



Implement the most effective Growth Rituals to take your business to your goals every year, quarter, month, week and day. The rituals we implement cover planning, goal setting and results measurement tools and scorecards

  • quarterly rituals
  • monthly rituals
  • weekly rituals
  • daily rituals

Get ready to manage your company and growth instead of hoping and wishing for results



We use our proven methodology as the map to identify where you are with your business right now, and what your next focus should be.

Our methodology works best for companies that are focusing on growth: build a brand that is widely known in your industry, build a scalable business model, create assets that increase the value of your company, and build systems that help you scale.

This methodology works for B2B/B2C service providers, physical goods businesses, e-commerce businesses, and online course creators.

Get ready to identify exactly what your business needs NOW instead of trying all kinds of random tactics



With a newly found focus and clarity, start the implementation of your growth plan. Your coach will guide you what to do next, and you have received a step-by-step instruction that’s tailored for your current state & next steps.

Get ready to focus on what you need to do next to grow your company

This is NOT an online course

ACTIVATE is intensive live coaching workshop during which we make decisions, create a plan for you, and implement tools.
All training is done by our Certified Growth Experts in live sessions, meaning:
you get to ask any questions you have.
Recordings available? Yes.

Live implementation workshops and Q&A


Ask your specific questions directly in the workshops.

Recordings available? Yes.




You don’t need to ‘learn more’. You must implement and take action. This program is TAILORED for action takers who want to get results fast.

Imagine this:


You are feeling unfocused, torn between decisions, stuck, and generally not sure where you’re going and how to get there…


Imagine this too:

Somebody with years of experience, solid tools, frameworks, and the right skills takes your hand and says:


” I have a plan “



The full-day group workshop combining teaching, coaching, strategy assessments and Q&A


The full-day group workshop combining teaching, coaching, strategy assessments and Q&A + a private strategy session with us during the coming 14 days


I'm a beginner with no business yet, can I join?

Yes, you can join if you’re ready and willing to build a business right from the start.

How long is the program?

One full day of implementation workshops & support, 4ever access to the assignments & recordings.

What's the private strategy session option?

We normally only offer private coaching in our 1 year programs, but we want to offer an option to book a private session with Tiina to walk through your growth plan. This session will be held within 14 days from the Workshop and we will schedule it as soon as you have booked your ticket.

Recordings available?


Can I access all the materials at once?

Yes and no. This is live, but we will send you a worksheet to prepare in advance!

I like this but I want a fully private workshop for my company. How?

I'm building a coaching business, consulting, B2B, B2C. This works?

We are particularly specialized in building an EXPERT business, and how you want to deliver your expertise, that’s up to you.

If you do the job, our systems and strategies work for your business. As long as you own your brand and business (ie we only work with CEO / owner and not with team/employees), have high ambitions and healthy work ethic, and also are a person who takes action, the Avenue Growth System™ works for you.

What's the difference between ACTIVATE and the Avenue Program?

ACTIVATE is an intensive workshop focusing on creating your growth plan. Avenue Programs are 1-year implementation programs with access to coaches and consultants who help you implement the Avenue Growth System™

Can I start with ACTIVATE and then join Avenue Programs when I'm ready for the next level?

Yes, of course. We might also have a discount for our ACTIVATE members… (we offer you the full ACTIVATE investment in discount if you join Avenue Programs within 30 days from completing ACTIVATE)

Do you have physical meetings?

No, this is all done online via Zoom.

Can my team members use my login?

No, this is per person only. If you have a co-founder, you can both use the same login.

What's your workshop schedule?

This is an intensive full-day workshop with breaks between the sessions. This is the day you work ON your business instead of IN. Consider this your most important CEO day.

We have breaks between the sessions when you can answer your emails if you really have to, but we prefer you focus on the assessments and doing high-level thinking.

This day is going to be so-much-fun and after this day, you most likely…

  • have fallen in love with your business again
  • have a clear plan for growth
  • feel energised AND tired. We will be WORKING out butts off.

I live in different country than you

We rotate the call hours to accommodate our international members and provide recordings of each session.

How much time will it take?

Full day.

How much access do I have to Tiina / coaches?

You will meet Tiina at the workshops and Q&A calls.

Tiina, I saw another coach offer exactly same stuff! Copycat?

Thanks for paying attention to it! You may have come across one of our fantastic certified coaches who owns the right to sell the Avenue Programs and Products. You will meet them at our workshops! But if it is someone who is not certified and has copied our site so please tell us so we can go gangster on them.


This is a consulting & coaching service with EU VAT…

  • If you have a valid EU VAT number –> no VAT is added.
  • If you are an EU company without a VAT number –> You must provide company registration papers for our tax authorities. Contact us before you signup so we guide you!
  • No business yet & in EU? VAT will be added.
  • Brexit – still no changes to VAT stuff as far as we know… so the above rules apply.
  • If you’re outside of EU VAT zone –> no VAT is added.

If this is confusing, please check with your accountant 🙂