We are on a mission to help millions of small & mid-sized companies grow profits, impact and joy. We believe in creating assets that increase the company value, makes your business highly profitable and scalable, and fun to run.

By the results I’ve got right from the start launching my company I can boldly declare that Tiina is a top professional in her business niche. I am forever thankful.

Ania Berggren - CSD Women's Leadership Academy International

Tiina’s advice was incredibly valuable and inspiring for me in the start-up phase of my business. Her constructive inputs, positive mentality, and tons of ‘homework’ pushed me to take action, and get things done in a very efficient way. Her weekly input was very inspirational and perfectly tailored to what I needed to learn to get where I am today. Her doer’s mentality is fantastically courageous! Wish there were more Tiinas in the world

Gyri S. Susrud – Designer & Founder of The Story of Design

Tiina Wilen is one of Europe’s leading experts in helping professionals and business owners package their skills, experiences, passion, and knowledge into concepts; brands, intellectual property, products & services that make a difference, and engineer a growth infrastructure that enables scaling up.

She is the creator of Avenue Growth System™, a methodology that helps small & midsize businesses create the Key Growth Assets to increase profits, impact, and joy. 

Tiina spent nearly 15 years in the corporate world as an IT consultant, product manager, and global process manager, where she was responsible for multi-million euro offshore operations and delivery performance leading global teams of over 300 software engineers. She has worked as a CEO managing international brand launches, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and is now the CEO of Avenue; the leading growth engineering consulting and coaching company in Europe. She also owns several international brands in B2B & B2C markets.

These experiences taught her that assets, systems, and processes create profits and freedom. After launching her first business in the home textile industry, Tiina saw that many business owners lack solid systems that allow big companies to scale. Tiina and her team are now on a mission to grow profits, impact and joy for business owners globally. 

My Experience - TECHNOLOGY.
My Passion - DESIGN.

I’m an Entrepreneur, IT Engineer, Growth Coach, and Marketing & Tech Geek. Together with my team, we help businesses with big ambitions engineer growth.

With a solid corporate background in IT and finance, travel, hospitality, and design, I have worked as a CEO, IT consultant, project manager, business developer, and process manager with responsibility for multi-million EUR offshore operations and a team of 300+ software engineers in India and the Czech Republic, global manufacturing & shipping processes and international sales and partnerships.

Born in Finland and now living in Sweden after a short live & work period in Shanghai, I’m married to a funny Swedish dude from the deepest forests of Småland (where people are wee bit weird but lovely), and we live in picturesque Mariefred with our two small kids.

My first business was a home furnishing and decor brand sold in 15+ countries and I currently run Avenue, a company in business growth consulting, technology, and coaching. We’re secretly planning to relocate our family to somewhere Summer all year round.

I have a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Bachelor in Business, and I’m excellent at simplifying complicated things. My main interests are thinking big, high-level business modeling, digitalization of business processes to gain efficiency and stay current, and I help business owners to engineer business concepts and models that are modern, scalable, and profitable, work more strategically and use today’s technology to work smarter and get more out of life.

My favorite hobby is interior design and I tend to re-decorate a lot. I don’t cook – luckily I married a guy who does, and my secret superpower is wallpapering. I’ve got more attitude than a tiny Finnish village, but I balance it nicely by being kind, helpful, and super fun.

I have had the great pleasure to work alongside as a colleague, together with Tiina at an international IT-company. Tiina worked as a consultant and PM for many of the cases I sold to our customers. Apart from being skilled and motivated, she were always passio nate about the client and their expectations and made sure we met the strict budget and deadlines.

Even when tough business decisions had to be made, she always succeeded to onboard the client on the necessary path and way forward; all the time with her warmth and passion and deep respect for the client. I would be happy, proud and grateful to work with Tiina at any given time again!

Claes Lemnell Head of Sales, Nordics VirtusaPolaris

I have had the opportunity to work with Tiina and I value her never ending capability and performance. She is extremely result focused with great social competence why she skillfully can engage teams to achieve objectives. She is passionate in her roles and tasks, her drive and entrepreneurship is a strength I admire. I would anytime and without doubt hire Tiina again and strongly recommend her capability.

Patrick Winther Head of ICT Service Operations at Tieto Corporate

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